English summary

Peter Fabel

Iceland - Greenland - Lapland - Mongolia - Transsib
At the beginning there is curiosity

to explore the world

Already as a youngster I was fascinated by the adventurous novels of Jules Verne, Karl May and the legends of the Vikings. Thus rose my curiosity to get to know the world with my own eyes, especially the Arctic regions. On my way with kayak, dog sled, Iceland horses, reindeer sled, but also on foot, skiing and using the climbing iron I undertook on numerous journeys and expeditions. So, the curiosity rose to get more and more to know the people I met: Inuit hunters in Greenland, reindeer and sheep breeders, nomads of the Gobi desert, shamans and monks in Siberia.

The power of pictures

Photo- and Filmreports

For more than 30 years journeys, expeditions and my photo- and film reports have been a permanent and important part of my life. It is really breathtaking to come so close to nature. Equally it is great fun to report on all these adventures and to take the audience along into a completely different world. My photo reports are presented in a small lecture hall as well as on international photo and media festivals likewise.

A Choice Of My Pictures

More about journeys and expeditions

Books and Films

Beside the presentation of my photo- and film reports I furthermore work as an author. In cooperation with NDR (North German Radio) among others the 60-minute-report “Crossing Scoresbysund by kayak” was produced. There I was accompanied by Peter von Sassen and his film team across the Sound of Scoresby.

Expedition Cruises

Greenland and Svalbard

I am a member of the expedition team of the “Sea Spirit”, a small and very individual and singular expedition boat. Being an expert on the Eastern Greenland Coast, I present lectures and reports on one of the most fascinating Arctic areas and its population. In addition I accompany landings with the expedition teams when going on shore. Information concerning the “Sea Spirit” and its expedition journeys into Arctic and Antarctic areas can be found under the heading.


Short Films

Have a dream for 5 minutes

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic I have monthly issued a short film. In line with the motto “have a dream for 5 minutes” I intend to introduce landscapes and people of the far north. A small choice of films will follow.

Arctic Dreams

Icebergs and Glaciers

The photos for the trailer were produced deep into the Sound of Scoresby at the Eastern Coast of Greenland. For more than 30 years I have been travelling this coast. On several kayak and dog sled tours I get to know the country and its people. The soundtrack of this trailer was composed and performed by Axel Hoffmann, a friend of mine.


Island of fire and ice at the polar circle

This trailer was created on our last journey to Iceland. In 1996 I met Mareike Bollhorn in Iceland, my later wife and partner. Together we went on many trips throughout this island of fire. 2010 I happened to be “in the midst” of the eruption of “Eyjafjallajökull” and was able to take photos and give first hand reports. Kayak tours on the glacier lagoon “Jökulsárlón” have always been and still are a special highlight for us.


Mystic of the Taiga

This trailer is arranged in Swedish Lapland, only a few kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. This area is the habitat of reindeer breeders, whose herds roam the wide landscape. On the farm “Solberget” Dirk Hagenbuch teaches reindeer to pull sledges. The films were taken by drones, partly at a temperature of nearly -30 °C.